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Centre pivot irrigation systems are the leading method of crop irrigation in many agricultural zones across the world.

Field proven centre pivot systems are steadily replacing, traditional flood irrigation and subsurface drip irrigation in some instances.

A great number of conversions are being made to offset farm labour shortages, but, as an added benefit, centre pivots are also highly efficient with up to 95% efficiency in terms of application uniformity.


TEAM Irrigation is the NSW Master Dealer for Valley Irrigation.

Why choose a Valley Centre Pivot?

Valley machines continually and consistently outperform other brands in safety, durability and strength, giving growers the most valued irrigation products in the industry.
Sine 1954, Valley Irrigation has been the most reliable irrigation equipment in the agricultural industry. Valley centre pivots and linears provide precise water, chemical, and fertiliser applications that improve crop yields, reduce labour costs, reduce runoff, and conserve water and energy. The Valley brand is known for having the most durable structures and the most advanced technologies, making it the first choice of growers wishing to increase the value of their land with irrigation equipment.
Valley have built their reputation by providing the most durable equipment in the market, and they have the certified test data to prove it. That's why 50% of centre pivots in use today are Valley pivots.

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